Have you never thought to count how many weeks stuck in that boring laundry room with its endless batteries have clothes washed and dried? If you're like most of us, not a day goes by without at least one dress. Since this is the case, you always have your nice clothes to make it pleasant for you and your taste? At least if you stay in a room, he loves to bring joy into the work clothes.

It suffices to eyes and think happy thoughts, and what pleases the eyes of the majority. Do you like the sound of the sea and beach scenes, or a thing for old cars? Remember that you are not for decoration of the room as the rest of your house. Choose a theme for you and then the entire space, whether on a specific theme or a tropical vintage issue. What is the true color - red or yellow towel wrap?

If you want to select a theme for the harvest of lye instead of thinking, these kinds of things that on their return they wash the nap mat. Can you begin to go to flea markets and see if you are under the old boxes and old laundry bag. You can also use an iron year before the introduction into the mix. You can add a picture or two years, depending on the size of the room. What kinds of things you can do to the room a seemingly good mood? Some adorn the displays with baskets and green gradient. Try a coordinating throw rug that matches the color on the walls or in combination with their "art", which are spread around the room. If there is a window of the laundry room, make sure that only gives enough light for you

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